To accelerate the electric car industry of development

Even with the land Ark,To accelerate the electric car industry of development Articles the German side nanometer been stationed in the clever, wise not only to strive to become the leading new energy automobile industry in Foshan, but also strive to place in the province and the country a new energy automotive industry, the district head of Huang Qi Thailand to participate in the high-end division of the international new energy automotive industry.

The reporter was informed that the district wants to use the existing industrial base and increase investment selection in the next few years to build a covered by the “Headquarters Economy – assembly production – auto parts production” three industrial level, including new automotive power car assembly production, automotive steel, automotive leather, automotive lighting, and other aspects of the new energy industry chain of electric vehicles.

However, the clever development of new energy and electric vehicle industry, not only facing the province of the pack and play competition, is also faced with the Foshan city districts compete in trend. 12 new energy automotive industry in the province, just from the inclusion of “provincial planning” point of view, Shenzhen Wuzhou Long Automobile Co., Ltd. also launched a passenger vehicle project, the enterprise for the production of new energy automotive batteries up to as many as seven. Commence construction Guangshun fuel cell core components of industrial park in the city, the South China Sea in Danzao Town, Lishui Town the Lazi Foton project, an annual output of 10 000 new energy bus; Chancheng District is intended to Nanzhuang Zhang Cha two Area, the development of new energy vehicle batteries and vehicle projects.

Faced with this situation, the core competitiveness of the wise development of new energy automobile industry How won the upper hand Xie Zhiqiang, said the wise development of the main light in the low-speed pure electric passenger vehicles, and other areas to focus on the development of large passenger cars, compared can be the formation of dislocation. And even if there is competition, compared with other regions of the province, city wise to have plenty of land space, and more has approved the province’s new energy vehicles, promote the use of demonstration area, the first batch of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province¬†twike 5 base as well as leading enterprises included in the Guangdong Province emerging strategic industries development “12th Five-Year Plan” key project arising from a variety of policies and opportunities, “These are the clever hand of the ‘good cards’ investment selection with a strong attractive force business card

First adjust the car driver’s seat, steering wheel and pedals easy enough to get neck and back pain prevention; while driving to sit up straight, hips as far as possible try to be the back of a chair, upper body straight, knees slightly bent, but can not prevent the manipulation of the steering wheel; when necessary adjustable angle rear-view mirror; manipulate the steering wheel when the arm should be slightly bent; If the steering wheel as a clock face, the left hand should be held between 9:00 to 10:00, the right hand grip is between 2:00 to 3:00.

Prevention of acute neck sprain: To avoid sudden and forced, over-Niu Zhuantou neck, try to mirror observation car camera car when reversing; if really necessary turned, first of all should be appropriate to adjust the sitting position, so that the neck will not reverse the excessive, continuous turned time not too long; usually drive should avoid braking and sudden acceleration to prevent head and neck and trunk movement speed inconsistency arising from the neck muscle spasms.